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StormBox Micro

Introducing Thomson Visuals' first breakout box:

The StormBox Micro.  

The Thomson Visuals StormBox Micro™ is a Micro Breakout Box that adapts the KOMODO's 9 pin EXT connector to common BNC signal inputs. 

Now you can run timecode AND a trigger handle at the same time! Or for big productions, you can get a TC + GEN box that will keep your whole array in perfect sync! 

The StormBox Micro comes in two affordable versions: a Timecode and Genlock box, or Timecode and GPI (Run/Stop).

  • Custom designed aluminum enclosure, made for your RED® KOMODO™ 
  • User-replaceable EXT cable
  • Weighs just 0.16lbs (70 grams) / 85 x 25 x 25mm
  • Available in Black or White.
  • Made in Anaheim, CA by mega nerds.

This is the first in a family of durable, flexible, and cost-effective breakout boxes designed specifically for the RED® KOMODO™. We wanted a breakout box that was tough and mountable anywhere, with a user-replaceable cable for added peace of mind.

Use the BNC marked "TC IN" to send timecode from BNC Timecode source into your RED. Be sure to select "External TC Source" in the timecode menu. 
Use the BNC marked "GEN/GPI IN" to send either a Genlock or GPI (Run/Stop) signal into your RED®, depending on which combination you ordered.


Possible cable combinations (12"):

  • TC + Genlock In to RED Komodo
  • TC + GPI In (R/S) to RED Komodo

The StormBox features a 1/4"-20 hole, so you can choose where to mount it, or stick a Sprig in it. For the most compact solution, use the two included M4 bolts to mount the StormBox directly on the Komodo. Be sure to route cables away from the intake vents. 

The EXT StormCables™ that link the StormBox to the RED® are built with genuine LEMO® connectors and Belden® shielded cable. During assembly, each cable is tested and double checked by two different technicians, so you'll be able to shoot with confidence. An upgrade to a right angle LEMO® is available for $40. 

  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Dims: 85mm x 25mm x 25mm
  • Cable Length: 30.5cm (12 in) 
  • Mounting options: 6 M4 orientations + a 1/4”-20 thread

Kit contains:

  • (1) StormBox Micro (Black or White)
  • (1) StormBox EXT Cable
  • (2) M4 mounting screws
  • 3 year limited warranty (excludes the powder-coated finish) 
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting a small business
  • A cool little box to keep it in